Ghost Of Tsushima is the best game I’ve played all year

Watch: New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer As Release Date Draws Near ...

Ever since I was a kid Japanese culture always fascinated me. Whether it be the feudal war times that divided the country, or simply their traditions and legends. Ghost Of Tsushima is not only a great game, but a good representation of Japanese culture and the people within it. This post is not a formal review, that will come later. Rather, similar to my Outer Worlds post, this is just a simple first impression and my reaction.

Now, I don’t think I need to say it, but I will. The game is absolutely GORGEOUS. I can’t begin to explain how good this game looks. Sucker Punch somehow made every inch of this world stylized with color and atmosphere. Every vista you come across looks like a true to life painting with the amount of lighting and shading provided. Foliage in this game is good and plenty and accents the colors from the sunsets and trees, making just a simple walk in nature exceptional. The photo mode provided is among the best and is a perfect way to capture these colorful environments. Just an absolutely stunning game. I didn’t think Horizon Zero Dawn could be topped, but Sucker Punch managed to change my opinion.


The combat is also something to write home about. Personally, I’m not into overly complex melee games such as Arkham. But, in Ghost Of Tsushima, they managed to make a rewarding combat system with plenty of moves and variety between them simple. I believe the way they managed this is through their different stances. Each stance has the same button moves (the same combo basically). But each stance will show a different animation and has different uses for certain enemy types. Making the combat thoughtful and deliberate. If you fail to pay attention, enemies can quickly swarm you and take you out. I’m not too far into the game, but my current moves set is still good enough to take on most enemies.

Story wise, I’m not far enough to give a good enough opinion other than its okay so far. The revenge tale is nice and I’m invested into the characters so far. The main character, Jin, is the most interesting part of the story. He is a true Samurai and lives his life by a code. However, to beat his enemies he must go against this code. Having him struggle to maintain his Samurai code is a very interesting character story. Having both an over arching story of the Mongols invading Tsushima and Jin struggling to keep his values is very captivating to me. Bravo Sucker Punch.


Overall, Ghost Of Tsushima continues to impress me every time I boot it up. I still can’t quite explain it, but this game just make me feel a certain way, almost like I’m a kid again. This game will easily go down as a classic in the Playstation community, as well as one of my favourite games of all time.

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