Finding comfort in repetition

There is always more to be found by exploring the same subject again and again. -Dion Archibald

The definition of repetition is “the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.” People tend to think doing the same thing everyday is monotonous and boring, there is some credence to that fact however. Others find beauty in repetition, myself included.

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In my life, repetition comes in the form of routine everyday things, but also seeps into my hobbies. You see, a daily routine is key to having a stable life. Some people need a routine to keep themselves sane, something I just started to learn while in quarantine. When school ended for the year in April, I found myself lost at what to do everyday. I then realized I had a routine without knowing it. Wake up, go to school, go home, work on homework, sleep. Now I know why others need a routine.

When thinking pondering the thought of routine and “repetition”, I began thinking about games where you essentially do the same things over and over again. Games that came to mind were Pokemon, looter shooters, and weirdly shooters. These games are all built on repeating the same task over and over again. In Pokemon you catch pokemon, train them, battle, and repeat. Looter shooters is involves killing and finding better loot than what you have, constantly doing the same thing to get better items. With shooters its the same map and same objective each time.

Gameplay of Pokémon - Wikipedia

The reason I thought about these games is the routine involved in them, or the repetitive gameplay loop. We don’t find doing these same things boring, but rather we find them entertaining and somewhat rewarding.

This got me thinking of routine for myself that is both entertaining and rewarding. My new routine after school now involves waking up at the same time everyday and essentially doing the same thing everyday, but with a twist. Wake up, make coffee, workout, shower, check social medias, write for at least an hour, play video games if nothing important to do. It may seem like a simple routine, but it’s ultimately rewarding for me. Each activity will benefit me and is rewarding in its own way. Working out is obviously good for my health; social media is to keep up to date and informed on current events; writing helps me develop my skills and keeps me creative; video games is a way to relax.

Overall, repetition shouldn’t be seen as boring or monotonous. It should be seen as structure and a way to ease some stress on what you want to do everyday. Rather than being flooded with choices on what to do, start making a routine on things you should do and think about what you can do after the fact.

Not everyone can live with a structured routine, but you can still find ways to apply stability to your life. This has helped keep my anxiety levels down and helps me to worry a bit less on wasting my summer days. This post was made to inspire others to create a routine, and partly a ramble and thought I had for awhile.. I hoped you enjoyed this read!

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