The Outer Worlds first impressions: not what I expected

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Graphics and Performance Are ...

To start, this game has been in my backlog since I got it Christmas morning. And with the pandemic going on and school on break, what better time to start playing.

Now, being made by the same studio who made Fallout New Vegas I had extremely high hopes for this game. Without question, they have exceeded my expectations. Although, the game itself wasn’t what I was expecting. What I was expecting was an adventure across a galaxy run by corporations and you have to try and make a name for yourself, with of course branching dialogue and unique stories along the way. These are factors that are in the game but there are also others that I was not expecting.

Dialogue is the centre of the game

Obsidian always makes their dialogue cheesy and light hearted with dark comedy sprinkled in. This is evident in all of the dialogue options in the game, making every conversation you have memorable. However, I was not expecting how dialogue heavy this game would be. This isn’t a bad thing, I actually really love it personally, but there appears to be more dialogue than anything else in the game. I’ll say it again, this is not a bad thing, however a balanced system would have been better in my opinion. Let’s say 40% combat to 60% dialogue, instead of what I think is 25% combat 75% dialogue.

Extremely character build focused

The skills and perks in The Outer Worlds isn’t like previous Obsidian games. In other titles from Obsidian you can create a character that is strong in every field, making you a jack-of-all-trades. However, in The Outer Worlds, you need to be super particular where you put your skill points or else your character will be incredibly unbalanced. I decided to make my character and dialogue and long gun character for my first play through, haven’t beat the game yet FYI. Going down this road I can tell that if I start putting point in other fields my character will quickly become unbalanced and ultimately weak in every field. There is a machine to respec your character, but I see that as cheating.

This new system makes the game feel a lot more like an RPG than most RPGs nowadays, yes including Witcher *gasp*. I’m still on the fence about this system, but my final thoughts will come with my full review later this month.

Overall, this game is a blast to play and does, in fact, remind me a lot of Fallout New Vegas with it’s dialogue and dark humor. The gun play is also a huge step up from previous Obsidian titles and is a breath of fresh air. Story is okay at the moment as well, but I’m only a third the way through. As of right now I would recommend checking this game out if your a fan of RPG games.

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