Have You Ever? Gaming Edition

Fellow blogger Meghan Plays Games participated in a blog challenge that I found interesting. I love participating and interacting in community challenges, so hey why not try this one!

Ever rage quit a game?

On occasion I do rage quit games, but not in a over the top fit. It’s mostly me just getting to frustrated and taking a break. Recently, I rage quit Shadow Of The Colossus. I just couldn’t get over how janky the controls are and the movement of the character. This was all during the second collosi, keep in mind there are 16. Not my finest hour.

Ever earned all achievements in a game?

46 and counting. I don’t know if i should be proud or ashamed of this feat. Ever since I got my PS3 in 2011 and obtained my first platinum, Saints Row The Third, I’ve been hooked. Something about maxing out a game and getting all trophies just excites me. My most recent platinum is Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which was among the easiest platinum trophies I’ve obtained. I’m not too sure what my hardest was, but a part of me wants to say GTA 5 because of the online trophies.

Ever pulled an all-nighter gaming?

Speaking of GTA 5, yes I have pulled an all-nighter once. During high school, one weekend my friends and I started playing GTA 5 at around 2pm. This gaming session lasted until 7am THE NEXT DAY. For the 17 hours all we did was play online. Nothing like this ever happened again and will go down as my fondest video game memory.

Ever live streamed your gaming?

I always wanted to but my speech impediment holds me back from doing so. I can’t keep a steady flow when I talk because I have a stutter, and streaming with this sounds like hell. Maybe one day though.

Ever pre-ordered a game?

I pre-ordered games before but have since stopped. The reason being day one patchs and reviews. I usually wait a week or two now to purchase games.

Ever bought a game and never played it?

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 and Crysis 3. These two games still sit on my shelf to this day. Kingdom hearts HD 2.8 is still in its plastic wrap. The reason I didn’t play it was the story. I read everything about it and decided not to play it. As for Crysis 3, my PS3 no longer works so I have no way of playing it.

Ever been jumpscared by a horror game?

I’m not the biggest horror game fan, but the odd horror I do play always scare me. When P.T was released on the Playstation store I couldn’t help but play it. Boy do I regret that decision. Jumpscare after Jumpscare after jumpscare is what i call that game.

Ever had a set squad for a specific game?

Not a specific game, but in any pokemon game I always choose a fire starter if that counts.

Ever bought a game on multiple platforms?

I have Minecraft for Mobile, PS3, PS4, Xbox, PC, PS Vita. I had a phase where I loved Minecraft, still do, and I wanted it accessible everywhere so i bought it everywhere. Not my fault they made it for every platform.

Ever bought a console for the games specifically?

Technically yes, I got my PS3 because my friends had it. Although, I chose to get a PS4 because of the exclusives. Funny enough, I grew up with Xbox but switched to Playstation. Some call me a traitor, I call it upgrading.

This was a a lot of fun, most questions really made me think. This challenge is open to anyone, no need to wait to be tagged. The original creator of this challenge is A Geek Girl’s Guide.

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever? Gaming Edition

  1. Understandable ragequit for Shadow of the Colossus – the controls are really abysmal… But if you can get past the controls its a great game! And that’s a lot of Platinum Trophies! That’s a ton of work!

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    1. I think I’ll eventually go back to it, but those controls make me want to pull my hair out. Also thank you, getting platinums is a side hobby now I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Liked by 1 person

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