Whats happening and whats going on

This day last year I started this blog. It brought me a lot of joy and happiness to talk about the things I loved to people who were genuinely interested. The reason I ended it was a combination of burnout and personal issues. However, I am happy to announce that I am bringing this blog back! For good this time, don’t worry.

Thank you for still following even though nothing was posted, I greatly appreciate that.

Now, what has happened between the end of the blog and now? Well, a lot actually.

In September I enrolled in Public Relations at my local college and have been doing that since, and actually stuck with it this time ( a future post will explain this). In this program so far I have learned how to properly write for various publications; edit videos; Photoshop editing; and how to form interpersonal relationships with different companies. It’s all so much fun!

In the coming days and weeks you can expect a steady flow of content such as game reviews and opinion pieces. I also have some other interesting things in mind such as a weekly journal series that documents a journey through a game, still in the works though.

I’m excited to finally get back into it and interact with the community!

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