Popular game series that I haven’t touched…yet

Time and time again I tell myself “I will sit down one day and play a game from this series”. But then my interest falls with something else and I push that game to the side. For me, this happened a lot. This list is going to be controversial, so buckle up and try not to get too mad at me.

Final Fantasy

This one surprised even me. The long-running series Final Fantasy has never made its way into my life. Growing up I just had no interest in playing these games. I always thought they were either too confusing with all of their mechanics, and I wasn’t really a fan of anime.

The recent Final Fantasy 15 sparked interest in me. My brother ended up buying the game in 2016. Multiple times I sat down to watch him play it and was simply blown away by it. The mixture of stunning graphics, particle effects, and character models captivated me. How fluid the combat was also really piqued my interest. Even after all of this I still never picked up this game. I am officially adding this game to my backlog, even if I don’t own it.


I know this one is going to make a lot of people angry, and you have every right to be. I have watched my brother, friends, and various you tubers play these games. The gunplay, loot generating, art style all look appealing to me. But as I watch gameplay it just doesn’t do it for me. I do realize that it is different when you actually play the game. With Borderlands however it looks like I wouldn’t enjoy it. I may give the third installment a try, but don’t hold your breath.


Alright before you scream let me explain that I am planning on buying the Bioshock collection on PS4. Now as for me never playing these games the answer is a plain and simple I Don’t Know. These games have everything that I love in them. An interesting story, incredible world building with unique level design, and combat unlike any game. I guess through my PS3 days I just overlooked this game series and never really gave it a chance. Also, I was a naive little kid that didn’t know a quality game if you hit me over the head with it.

Metal Gear

I actually have a reason for this game series. The answer is, I grew up with the original Xbox. The Metal Gear franchise was exclusively for the PlayStation when I was growing up, so I had zero exposure to it. Even after getting my PS3 the games never really jumped out at me. They also took a break making games when I got my console. When I eventually got my PS4 they released Ground Zeros and The Phantom pain. I didn’t pick these games up because I knew I wouldn’t understand the story. But, a couple of years ago, they added The Phantom pain to the PS plus lineup so I actually have the game now. I am still on the fence about playing it though, because of the story.

Resident Evil

Horror games and I don’t mix well. I know that not all Resident Evil games are horror, but that still didn’t stop me from avoiding these games. I got maybe 10 minutes into the P.T demo before shutting off my PS4 and going for a walk. If you give me Resident Evil 7 to play I might just up and have a panic attack. I formally apologize to any and all fans of these games, but I will NEVER play these games.

The Legend of Zelda

I saved the best, and worst, for last. People grew up with the Legend of Zelda games, I didn’t. I opted to play Pokémon growing up. My Brother, however, grew up and owns most of the Legend of Zelda games. His favorite being Twilight Princess for the Wii. Even when I had my DS my brother tried to make me play Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Me being the stubborn child that I was refused and went back to playing my Pokémon games. This is definitely my most shameful entry on this list. After seeing what this series has turned into, I regret not playing these games while growing up. I might even borrow my Brothers games now and play them.

11 thoughts on “Popular game series that I haven’t touched…yet

  1. Good to know I’m not the only one! I’m in the same boat for a lot of these – never touched Final Fantasy, or the Metal Gear series. I would 100% recommend Bioshock though! Honestly, the second one and Infinite were not as good imo, but the first one was amazing. And you definitely should play some Zelda games, its a great series! Highly recommend Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess.

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    1. I have access to most of the legend of Zelda games so I will definitely play those soon. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person intimidated by the juggernaut that is Final fantasy.


      1. Each Final Fantasy is its own unique story in a unique world. It’s not a a long set of sequels. I’d recommend trying FFXII HD first if you liked combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. FFX HD is also a great starting point option. If you liked PS1 era JRPGs then VII is obviously a must play.

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      2. I had no idea that Final Fantasy was an anthology series, this changes everything. knowing this I might pick up X, and the VII remake when it eventually comes out.

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      3. Oh my god yeah! Anthology is the word I was looking for. He classes and names of spells and summoned creatures, and the presence of moogles and chocobos are usually the same between installments, but each FF is set in its own unique world that isn’t related to the others. There are fan theories about if or how some of them may connect, but it’s all speculation. I hope you like them!

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  2. Only half joking, but stop what you’re doing and play Bioshock. The first is one of my favourite games. Playing it will give you a feel for what (the best) of the series of games did so well. Make it a priority. :p

    I can get what you mean on Borderlands. I played all 3 (the 2 mainline and the half step) for something like a combined 500 hours and every time I go back to play them again I think they’re kind of boring. The pacing is a little too slow and most of the game boils down to mowing through waves of enemies with some pretty lackluster weapons. The games are sort of like a mmo-lite, so if you’re in the mood for some brainless loot grinding they work nicely though.

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