My thoughts on the Amazon Fallout series announcement and my concept for a show

Westworld Creators Adapting Fallout TV Series for Amazon

The Fallout games series is among my favorite video game series of all time. Yesterday when the official Fallout Twitter page announced that a series is in development at amazon I was ecstatic. It helps that the show is be helmed by the creator of Chernobyl, a very successful show. However, I couldn’t help but speculate how they’ll handle the Fallout universe. It’s packed with so much lore and alternate history that it could prove difficult to adapt to a show. The best way I think it could be handled is the route of the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

Anthology series using the vaults

Having each episode showing a new area of the Fallout universe is, in my opinion, the best way this show can be handled. For instance, we could have various episodes featuring different vaults around the United States. We already know from the games that each vault specialized in different experiments varying from cryogenics in Fallout 4, to clones of the same man in Fallout 3. Doing it this way can better develop the universe, without risking retcons with other areas of the universe.

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Another reason this could work is genre diversity. Each episode could represent a genre. Horror could involve experiments that lead to catastrophic events. Action can be the similar to the opening of Fallout 3 where the protagonist needs to exit the vault. Comedy can be a shot for shot rip of the Gary vault or the vault that only had 1 male and the rest female. The romance genre can involve a romance spreading across years, starting with being a kid. And drama can easily be adapted into the vaults with other stories.

Original progressive story

The most likely case is going to be an original story spread across various episodes. I think it will start with a vault, the protagonist leaves with a mission, and the rest if the story will involve trekking across a wasteland. My hope is that it will be a new area that we haven’t seen in a game yet.

Fallout 76 – Live Action Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

A story that would be very interesting would be a tale about someone already living in the wasteland, similar to New Vegas. This story could be about a small settlement that gets tormented by raiders and the protagonist family or friends gets hurt or killed. Yes I know this sounds bleak, but it’s a good premise for a revenge story. From here, we could have a time jump where the main character is much older, experienced, and rugged. The story will borrow elements from westerns and will have the main character be a lone wanderer with a dog. The lone wanderer can help people around the wasteland, being sort of a guardian angel to people, but never getting to know anyone personally. Until, maybe, a companion comes along that will force him to talk about himself in a personal manner.

I really like this concept that I came up with, I kind of want to further develop it and make a separate post.

All in all, I’m really excited for this series. There was a low budget Fallout show on YouTube years back, not sure of the name, but it was really well done and gave us a taste of what a full show could be. Let me know your thoughts on the announcement below!

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