Review: Assassins Creed Odyssey

Developed by Ubisoft Quebec, Assassins creed Odyssey is the tenth, yes tenth, main series Assassins Creed game. This time around you take the role of either Alexios or Kassandra, a descendant of the legendary Greek King Leonidas of Sparta. This is the first time Assassins Creed has let you pick if you want to be male or female, took them long enough. In this outing of the franchise, you take the role of a mercenary (misthios is what the game calls you) living in 400 BC Greece.

Your great odyssey

The game’s story takes you all across the Greek world. The story starts with finding out that the protagonist has a very troubled past, involving a ritual sacrifice of the younger sibling. You start on a small Greek island where you are known as the local mercenary. At the start, you get roped into a long overdrawn mission structure involving the man who raised you. This part acts as the tutorial so it’s understandable why it is so slow. After all of this though you finally get access to a ship, rather you get gifted one. You then set sail towards the location of your father, in hopes that he knows the whereabouts of your mother. This starts the first main storyline in this game.

This game actually features three main stories. The first being a story about family and trying to reconnect them. The second story involves a conspiracy about a cult that is spread across the Greek world, influencing politicians and the like. And lastly a tale of your character finding their purpose in the world.

Being an Assassins Creed game they are still continuing the story of the first civilization. In my opinion, this storyline is why I keep coming back to these games. This game, in particular, expanded it exponentially, and the main story leans on it heavily.

Overall the plot of this game is actually on par with the rest of the series, even with the staggering amount of side quests in this game. The performances of the voice actors are genuinely good and full of emotion, as well as the animations that accompany them. I picked Kassandra and the accent she had to put on throughout the game was impressive. The various endings also provide a decent amount of closure and leave you feeling perfectly satisfied.

A beautiful world

Ever since unity launched Assassins Creed games have been looking better with every release, Odyssey is no exception. The way sunsets flood the scenery with orange is something to behold. With the mixture of ancient buildings, grand hillsides, and the gorgeous water; everywhere you go is like looking into a painting. Easily the best looking game in the series.

Each city also has a unique color scheme. For example, the city of Athens is full of bright blue colors, and Korinth is filled with pink blossoms and bright pink flags. This helps keep things unique and fresh in the game and is a great addition. With the map being as big as it is, having each city showcase its own colors is a great way to help keep each city from feeling the same. After all, the buildings are all the same in each city and town you go to; a small letdown that is easy to get over when the game looks this amazing.

A staggeringly big map

Traversal within this giant map is achieved with your own personal ship. Fans have been asking to bring back the ship combat from the previous Assassins Creed Games, Black Flag and Rogue, and I think they hit the mark perfectly with it.

The game world is rich with historical landmarks, as well as colors galore. Ubisoft proves again that they are masters at making a game world come to life.

Core mechanics

Being a full-fledged RPG this time around, Odyssey features everything that a typical game in the genre would have. First off we now have a full dialogue system, never before seen in the franchise. The dialogue options are a mix of asking for info, threats, lying, and even romance. All of these options could have an effect on the missions and story.

As with the last entry in the series, Origins. We have a full loot system, character stats that accompany them, and an ability tree. The loot ranges from swords, daggers, and hammers; all the way to individual pieces of body armor from helmets, chests pieces, and boots. Each piece of armor is equipped with a buff to your three character stats, hunter, warrior, and assassin. Hunter will impact your bow, warrior will affect your weapon damage, and assassin will affect your sneak damage. This is also how the ability tree is laid out. With each branch having its own perks dedicated to the three categories. The loot system and ability tree in this game are handled perfectly and makes you wonder why they never added this to previous games in the franchise.

The combat is also a step above the rest of the games. With the previous titles in the series, it was all the same. Use your sword to mow down hordes of enemies with ease, not having to worry about what moves you’re going to do. Now there is a whole combat system that incorporates special moves, light and heavy attacks, and parrying attacks with a great dodge mechanic. Enemies are also varying levels that add to the challenge. You can no longer run head first into a crowd of enemies and expect to survive.


Borrowing elements from almost every RPG out there, Assassins creed Odyssey nails everything it set out to achieve. The game perfectly encapsulates the Greek landscape with its perfect contrast of colors and astonishing use of lighting. Story-wise, it accomplishes its goals but has some pacing issues. With all of these features, and a rewarding loot and combat system, this easily joins the ranks with other amazing RPGs.

9 Spartans out 10

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