How I review games

I find that most online game review sites do their reviews like robots (IGN, Polygon, etc). They always seem corprotized( yes that’s not a word but to quote the great Thor “All words are made up”) and never genuine. The way I’m going to try and review games will be from a perspective of someone who actually wants to write a review on the game, not like someone who just got slapped with writing a review on a stealth game when they hate that genre. I am not biased towards any genre, I am very open to trying new things.

When I look at a game I don’t just see black and white. For example, a casual gamer would look at Skyrim as an RPG with dragons, quests, combat, and a big map. I see Skyrim as a game with a deep and rich history of development from Arena to Oblivion, and how all of these games combined, lead up to one of the greatest games created this century. When I talk to people about video games this way they all look at me like I’m some crazy person who never leaves his room, so hopefully the internet can appreciate my crazy person ramblings.

The formula that I am going to use to review games is simple. I will pick out its best qualities and talk about how they work and why I loved them. Likewise I will be taking the bad qualities and talking about them. Additionally, I will discuss the core elements of all games, story, mechanics, graphics, and if it calls for it, combat.

If you think I should add something, or switch something else with another topic, feel free to let me know in the comments. I love getting feedback from the blogging community!

2 thoughts on “How I review games

    1. I want my first review to be of fallout New Vegas, my all time favourite game, and after that assassin’s Creed odyssey and from then on it’ll most likely be a mix of current and old games.

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